Monday, May 22, 2006

Fellowship and Fromage

No, we are not Packers fans. In fact I was elated at Super Bowl XXXII in San Diego, where the Broncos rose to the occasion and beat 'em. Pretty good storyline...The aging icon, Elway and Terrell Davis playing to his hometown crowd.

A few weeks ago, G was at Green Bay for work. She ate at Lambeau Field, and came back home-cheesehead in tow for Benny. He loves it. The only problem is that he is constantly picking at the foam. Sometimes it looks like we have grated cheese all over the floor. Oh well, if it's not one thing it's another. We do our best to keep the place clean.

Last night we hosted CARE group. I had a ball cooking burgers and brats for the crowd. The great thing is that we are making some good friends, as a result of this Sunday night fellowship. We praise God, have fun discussions, but also have impactful and meaningful talks about our walk with God. Mike J gave us a briefing on his travels throughout Israel, and the Middle East. It is so interesting to hear him talk about flying by the Gaza Strip, trekking up the Mount of Olives, and seeing the Biblical places where Jesus and the Prophets walked and died. Incidently, his job as an F-15 fighter pilot scores him as having one of the coolest jobs in my circle of friends. A close second is Mark L's job as Controller. Who can't get pumped up at the updated GAAP guidelines that comes out every year? (especially his special chapter on Accounting 5-10-15. Yes this is an inside joke).

Here is a picture of John C and Alan K resting comfortably on Benny's couch. This is visual proof that guys never grow up. Alan drove his old, restored pickup truck to our house yesterday. Our only complaint was that he had an old dishwasher in the back, which made it look like Fred Sanford was parked outside. We love him anyways.

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