Saturday, May 20, 2006

Food, Fun, And Fountains

At the conclusion of a long week, we decided to hit downtown Kirkwood, and eat at Johnny Rocket's. It was a nice sunny day, and we were determined to have a quick family outing to enjoy the beautiful weather. This is a fountain in front of the plaza where we ate. We ran into a family from church, and saw quite a few kids bobbing for quarters (ie: stealing money) in the fountain.

Today we are cleaning the house, but I started out early with a cup of Folgers and reading a bit before waking up Benny.

Books I am currently wading through:

"Last Dance" by John Feinstein (NCAA Basketball Tournament/Coaching Chronicles)
"Here Is Your War" by Ernie Pyle (WWII News Correspondent)
"Freakonomics" by Steven Levitt (Unconventional Economic Thinking)


Ed. Tritschler said...

Thanks for nice comment as I didn't get chance to talk to you today at McKnight.
I liked your book list. I have read 11 books so far in 2006.Currently reading Full Court Press about the ten plus year history of the St Louis Hawks NBA team in fifties and sixties.
My top three so far are Manhunt,about John Wilkes Booth 2-Biography of Bob Hope and 3-The Greatest Story Ever Told by Fulton Ousler written over fifty years ago.

bradfordlstevens said...

Your little guy is so cute! Kirkwood has done a nice job of rehabbing that area. The last time we were there a wedding party stopped the limo to take pictures around that fountain.