Thursday, August 03, 2006

Here's a few pics from the other afternoon. One outside in the heat, and the other inside trying to cool off. We have tried to keep Benny out of the heat as much as possible, but we ended up walking around the yard a few evenings ago. I had to get something out of the truck, and check out our neighbors new deck. There are some bushes, and wood retaining walls where our backyards meet. Never wanting to miss a photo-op, I perched Benny on the retaining wall and proceeded to snap a few pics. Jim (our neighbor) walked over to warn me about the poison ivy. Since I am immune to it, I have never really given it consideration. He even had to show me what it looks like. To date: no breaking out or itching.

Check out todays post (The Cross And The Sword) on Mike's website (see right margin for link). He mentions and links a NY Times article on Christianity/Political issues that seem to be permeating the airwaves, radiowaves, and pulpits throughout the country. For whatever reason it struck me as being relevant today.

After a bit of thinking, reading this article reinforces to me the choices I have made in not paying much attention to Fox News, and the conservative radio talk shows. My wife sometimes gets frustrated at some of my political views, and politicians I would vote for (if the constitution would allow). Heck, I even think that Rep. John Murtha's comments about the overall military situation seems somewhat logical-from what I understand. Does this neccessarily make me a "bad" American or Christian? Of course my lines of thinking might be skewed, she also cringes when I refer to Barry Switzer as "The King". This line of thinking-in turn-makes me verry happy that football is just around the corner. One thing is for certain...I'm going to try and get tickets to the Sept 10th Broncos/Rams game. I'll be sporting Blue and Orange for this one. This can only mean one thing....My lovely (sporting-challenged) wife will feel compelled to foster family disharmony, and dress Benny in his Rams outfit. Come Oct 28th, Father and Son will unite, and be sporting our OU gear. It might even be fun to head out to Columbia for the game. I have lived in MO over half my life, and am still very apathetic to Mizzou athletics. I guess growing up, Norman, OK seemed alot closer than Columbia, MO...we'll that, and they pretty much have consistently stunk throughout the decades. And, No, I will not get into a Norm Stewart debate. He reminds me too much of Bobby Knight. I wouldn't want my kids playing for either.

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