Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Here is a picture I nabbed from Ed Tritschlers blog. Last month we made our way to Camp Neotez. This is one beauty of a place, which I am sure we will be seeing plenty of in the coming years.

Ed, hopefully I haven't broken any copyright laws. I'll be glad to pay a royalty fee.

This has been a busy few weeks. Last weekend we left for NYC (sans kid) for a few days of R & R. We saw them do the Today show on Friday, went to Little Italy (which lives up to the name--it's only 3 blocks long or so) for lunch, and had some great Mexican food that evening. It seems that Chinatown has almost overtaken Little Italy. As one friend from the area put it: The Chineese love to work, and the Italians like to sit around and drink wine.

All, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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Ed. Tritschler said...

The copy right fee is!!!!!!!!!
I continute as the St Louis grandpa of Bennie at least until he is a teenager.