Thursday, January 04, 2007

Yesterday was a big day for Benny. Prior to yesterday, his legal name was Carlos. We went to Family Court, and today he is recognized by MO as ours, with the name of Benjamin. It was a big step, but frankly the formality of the court proceedings were somewhat comical.

International adoption is a process that reminds me of climbing to the top of St Peter's Basilica. It starts with small, winding steps that seem uncomfortable and cramped, with the promise of a great view. The difference is that each step has revealed a small window. We have enjoyed the entire view along the way. Our next step is to get him a SS#, and fill out some more federal paperwork. I need to make some calls to the agency on that, since my memory on all that gov't protocol is shot.

Thanks to Brad for helping us along the way.

Here is a cute pic of Benny with Abby, Car-Car and Wessie.

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