Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Games People Play

I CANNOT tell you how many times we kept telling Benny to stay away from Charlie's doggie door in Detroit. It is hard to discipline when you're laughing.

As I sat down for a haircut last week....the only thing that kept me from falling asleep was an old episode of The Match Game with Gene Rayburn. (Remind me what Charles Nelson Riley did other than this?) That was probably my favorite growing up. As my tastes began to refine with maturity, my next-favorite was a little-known show on MTV called Remote Control. There were some hilarious skits from Adam Sandler, Dennis Leary and Colin Quinn. Not to mention a little stage presence from Kari Wuhrer. What about your favorite game shows. Got any? When I was a kid, I also like the show that had appx 25 different sized, gift-wrapped boxes on stage. I remember the contestants picked one and unwrapped it.....the name and rules escape me.


Bonnie Bassham said...

Hi Cope family,
I response to your question about green chilis, I think they are actually in season now. I just saw a huge roaster outside of Walmart that was fully loaded and roasting. We would love for you guys to visit anytime!!
New Mexico is a beautiful state....and of course, the Basshams are loads of fun!!

bradfordlstevens said...

At least Benny had his alternative fire escape route pefectly planned and practiced! :-)

Green chilis and the Basshams! Now that is a mix to be visited!

I sure hope you are selling all those CFS dinner tickets for September 28, 2007.

Bonnie Bassham said...

Old School: HIGH ROLLERS. You can't beat Alex Trebek and huge dice...

The Now: WORLD SERIES OF POP CULTURE. Simply the best.