Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Random Thoughts:

1. We picked Benny up 23 months and 3 days ago. I'm curious as to when we pick up #2. Trust me, it's still a long ways off.

2. I ran across a good quote: "Any fool can count the seeds of an apple. Only God can count the apples within the seed"

3. How about Floyd Landis? Guilty or Not? A Hero Lost

4. Current Books: The Good Life by Chuck Colson / How To Have More Than Enough & Financial Peace Workbook by Dave Ramsey.

5. What I'm Listening To: Literally Now: U2 "All That You Can't Leave Behind" on ITunes. Usually In The Car: Christian Radio.

6. Mike Runcie led a great talk along with some awesome singing on Sunday. McKnight has some pipes! Remember the CFS Dinner this Friday at 7pm. Most people think of children, when mentioning CFS. A valuable component they offer is Individual and Family Counseling. We have an acquaintence out of state who was a community leader, Christian, Father, Husband...who killed himself recently. It makes me wonder if effective Christian counseling could have helped him.


bradfordlstevens said...

I hope anyone in St. Louis who wants to come have a fun evening of food, celebration and fun will join us at the Christian Family Services, Inc. (CFS) Annual dinner this coming Friday evening. This will be Mike Runcie's farewell to the St. Louis community. If you need more details call or e-mail Eric or go CFS's website at:http://www.cfserve.org/

Mary Ann said...

Hey Eric- One of the biggest obstacles for people very often is money. So I wanted to tell you that Covenant Seminary and many area churches such as Greentree Community in Kirkwood offer FREE counseling to the community. CFS also has interns from area graduate schools that can be seen at a reduced rate. This is exciting because the church in Saint Louis really appreciates the importance of good Christian counseling.

It was good to see you and your family from a far on Sunday. Take Care

EBC said...

Brad: Great plug for CFS.

Mary Ann: Thank you for the counseling info. Our neighbors actually go to Greentree. I did see Neill's head at church...towering above everyone else.

Ed. Tritschler said...

Current read Team of Rivals about President Lincoln and his cabinet.Very thick book but worth the effort.