Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Here are still some random pictures from Grand Cayman. I like the picture of Benny in his preferred state of leisure with pretty girls surrounding him. I recently purchased a Canon 5D and and am waiting for lenses to arrive to start snapping pics. We are going to be gone for a few days and I appreciate Karl letting me use one of his lenses to test out the camera. One picture is of a young lady named Cara holding Everlie. Cara is a sweet girl from Scotland whose traveled with her parents on the Diversification Trip.

Benny continues to be ornery but is sweet. Everlie is walking around for the most part. She is so much like Geri it's funny. Both are very determined, strong and not afraid to voice how they feel. Of course both are beautiful. Keeping note of Everlie's personality, she still crys if you leave the room without saying goodbye, she has a very soft little blanket that she uses to rub her eyes before going to bed. She holds your finger tight when being fed (or rubs her eyes with blanket). She automatically dances when you put music on. Like her brother, she LOVES music.


Will said...

Hey Eric, I found your blog through facebook. It's really good. The pictures of your kids are beautiful. Kendra and I are adoptive parents, too. we have two boys (national).

Were you at Dillon's camp in Tulsa this summer? I'm a Children's Minister in Tulsa and took my 3-5th grade students on a Prayer Mission and one of the stops was Dillon.

Amanda and Jason said...

Everlie is cute as can be. Her outfits are just precious, but I can't resist reminding you, Geri, you once said on my blog, "...your daughter has a lot of bows in her hair. She is also dressed very girly!" O.k., I had to hunt for a while to find it in my archives, and I MIGHT have quoted you a little bit out of context (I believe you were referring to my past aversion to "bow heads"). It's a good thing I think bows are cute on little girls, because I've noticed Everlie has quite the collection.

We miss you guys. The last time we saw you was a year ago next week!

- Amanda