Monday, September 01, 2008

Last week we went back to Colorado. It was wonderful. As usual we stayed with the Shaffers for a few days, before heading up to Keystone where Geri had a conference Sunday-Tuesday. Marsha and Harry were amazing and hosted a small get together in Everlie's honor (if you call @ 25 adults and 15 kids small). Marsha was awesome. She even made candy bar wrappers with Everlie's picture as snacks. Thank you Shaffers, we love you! It was wonderful seeing many friends and meeting new kiddos for the first time. We will be sending thank-you's out, but I wanted to specifically mention Jenna and her Mom for making an amazing blanket for Everlie.

On Sunday we went to Golden Church of Christ. This is where Geri and I first went after moving to Colorado. It was great to rekindle old friendships. It wasn't even too bad when Jenna stepped on Benny's hand at lunch...with her high heels :). He only cried in Everlie's new blanket for hours..just kidding.

We had such a great time in the mountains...I hope Benny grows to appreciate them as much as I do. I recently bought a new camera, so it was a nice place to get off a few shots to get used to the ins and outs of it.

This time last year we were outside Detroit with Jason and Amanda. They live in a great neighborhood where their neighbor always makes a Labor Day feast with pancakes and the works. We also met the Carter's in Colorado. The nice thing about moving is that you take the good memories with you, but keep the wonderful friends along your life's journey. This attitude makes coming back to old places all that much sweeter.

By the way, I am on Facebook and will try to figure out how to post more pictures there going forward.

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