Thursday, September 18, 2008

Photo Workshop

213 pictures taken....2 worth posting. The great thing about taking classes is to expose your weaknesses for improvements, learn new ideas/concepts and get to know other people with similar interests. Mission accomplished. The photo of the model is altered using Lightroom 2. The photo of Karl is pretty self explanatory. He's a goofy nut with a good photographic eye.


Jen Reijgers said...

AHH, nice picture! Karl had such a great time doing that class with you. He's been on his computer every night since then altering the pictures, making me critique them, etc., i'm thinking of hiding the computer tonight.

Jenna G said...


Why is it that in all the references to my stepping on Bennie's finger do you neglect to mention the fact that it was he who decided to lay down on the floor in Wendy's directly behind me while I was throwing away trash???

I really felt terrible. I'm so glad the extent of his injuries was limited to a sore finger and bruised ego.

Maybe I'll start my blog with the story about when you rear-ended me and Amanda while I was pregnant with Jack!!

All in good fun, my friend!
Miss you guys.