Tuesday, October 07, 2008

One thing we can always count on is that the Cope and Robinson kids play well outside. Sunday night we had a wonderful and celebratory picnic at New Town. While the builder/developer is not a client of mine, I have to honestly say this is a great place for young families with kids. These are a few photos of our beautiful kiddos. I will use this as a public forum to congratulate Jonah and Grace's Dad on his promotion. Of course behind every accomplishment within a marriage is a spouse that has to be pat on the back as well. We love you guys.

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Robinsons said...

It is a uniquely touching experience to see the love we have for you and Geri (and family) personified in the strong bond our children share! We never tire of the joy we experience in watching them play together. Thanks for sharing the awesome pics and for the kind words about the promotion. Needless to say, it would not be possible without God, my wife/family, and our St. Louis family, the Copes:). Love you all - The Robinsons