Tuesday, September 09, 2008

FIrst Day

Armed with his Lightning McQueen backpack and a smile, Benny stepped up in the car, buckled his seat belt and headed out to his first day of Pre-School. His teacher is Mrs. Jaschik. I do not envy her since the class consists of 10 energized boys. Every day she will pick kids to help her out. Benny was chosen to be the Door Holder. On the way to school I told him that this is the first day of what should be at least 16 years of schooling. All he cared about was making sure we remembered going to McDonalds after his first day of school.


Anonymous said...

Oh Benny. A whole new world for you. God be with you all the way! AA

Ed. Tritschler said...

I never attended pre school but I do have some vague memories of my first day of kindergarden.
Remind Dad to take you with him to Jefferson Barracks. Go about 6:00 PM and be sure to take some bread with you for the deer.
I am confident you will be the star/hit of your class.
St Louis Grandpa