Friday, December 12, 2008

This is my favorite commercial these days. There's also another one with LLCoolJ.

As this year comes to a close, I'm realizing a desire to post more stories/photos of our family here on the blog. I've been sidetracked since joining Facebook. Also known as FB to the non-FB'ers in the audience.

Maintaining a blog is definitely more satisfying than being on FB. The whole FB experience reminds me of Charlie, my friend in CO. Charlie is a great guy with a wonderful personality, but years ago he never was one to stand around after Church and socialize (this has changed). His goal was to talk to a few friends then hustle out to the car without being cornered by the folks he didn't know very well. He called it "running the gauntlet". On FB that's called a lurker. It's too easy just being a lurker on FB. I'm generally a lurker. I will say this though...the ability to find out who is online, and instant message them on FB is a great feature. This is something Nancy (my cousin) and I have done a few times, and it's been nice. She actually types full words as opposed to the texts she sends me. She can manage to speak a chapters worth of words with approximately 17 CAPITALIZED letters. She's hip. I'm not (LOL).


Amanda and Jason said...

Yeah, I remember Charlie running the gauntlet. Then he got Jason doing it too. It was almost a race to see who could get out of the building faster.

Where are the Christmas pictures of the kids???


Jenna G said...

I had forgotten he did that!! Too funny. Doesn't he have the cutest boys now though?

And I agree with Amanda, where are the pictures???