Thursday, December 04, 2008

We tend to joke that time stands still when we go to Woodward. To an extent this is the case. It can drive you nuts if you let it. You go to sleep, and who knows when you wake up. There is no clock around. You wake up at 3am and someone is in the living room still watching TV. You realize you are hungry because it's 7pm and dinner is almost on the horizon. Experiencing this time-warp phenomenom, I tend to make excuses to make the 5 minute drive to WalMart. Oh I saunter around looking at the OU stuff, but the highlight is making my way back to the deli section and ordering fried okra. Now that is good stuff (unlike Cracker Barrel's sorry attempt).

On the other hand, what I love about Woodward is that time stands still. We are blessed with an incredible array of kids that come over to visit. This Thanksgiving was special because Benny and Everlie were constantly playing with their cousins; who were defacto babysitters for G and I. Having time on your hands just to absorb the kids playing-listening to the laughs and constant commotion is priceless. Yeah, we make fun of time standing still...but wouldn't trade it away for anything. This won't last forever and we are blessed to have a great extended family.

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