Sunday, November 01, 2009

Fun In The Sun

With 12" of rain in October, the kids have a ton of energy to burn. Before Trick Or Treating, we played "lets clean the acorns and leaves off the patio" and "lets rake the leaves with brooms". Allthewhile, Delaney was glad to watch. This house is just crazy. 3 kids change the dynamics just enough to always feel behind the 8-ball. Pick up one room...another room needs it. One kid takes a nap...the other 2 decide to get loud and crazy. Bath at 7, bed at 8 after books and prayer? yeah, right. 8 turns into 9 turns into 9:45 or so. We'll figure it out, eventually.


Anonymous said...

And you are now out-numbered!

Coping said...

Oh, I love that little"Hi!" What a precious girl - and her very previous brother and sister! By the way, my mother always said it was the third one that made the difference.