Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Craftsmanship is not dead

I had never been in a woodworking store until my friend Eric (also known as #2 by my wife...only because of the name, though) invited me along. By day he is a doctor. By night, he's an American craftsman in the making. Now, woodworking isn't my cup of tea, but photography is. Observing Eric in his element presented quite a few photo opps. It's funny, but I see him more as a woodworker than a doctor. Not because he is a marginal doctor...hardly the case. He is incredibly humble and doesn't flaunt his MD...he also works hard enough to want to talk about something else when he's away from the hospital. He's the classic case of someone not making his identity what he does. If you want to talk philosophy, books, family, religion, woodshop...#2 is your man.

Getting back to the woodworking store. The employees were attentive to his questions, but they thought I was the goofy sidekick with the camera. All in all, I took @ 150 pictures in the store. Most were deleted, but I found the place fascinating. Here are a few of the remaining pics that I liked.

If you ever run across a museum-quality chair made by Eric, you better snap it up. Anyone that willingly reads a book called "Dust Collection Basics" must be serious..or in need of a good book :)


AmberT said...

hey eric! you take wonderful pics! i really like that pic, as well as the ones of your kids. what kind of camera do you use?

Guatorean Daddy said...

I use a Canon 5D. Thanks for the comment!