Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Simply stated, I love our kids. When people find out they are adopted, they always tell me how lucky they are. I think the opposite. Geri and I are blessed. I figured that God had this planned from the beginning. It was just our job to bring them home.

Speaking of this, we have a good friend that is pregnant...when we broke the news a month or so ago, Benny was somewhat confused...he understands that somehow babies come from bellies, but is still figuring out what an airplane has to do with the process (since his sisters came on airplanes). When he's old enough, I'll just refer to the first paragraph to explain our family.

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AmberT said...

great pics, eric! you're kids are so sweet. (and aren't we, as parents, the most blessed by having them in our lives! God is so good to us.)