Monday, October 03, 2005

Public thanks to Brady W for coming up with the ticket. One of my goals is to have Benny's picture taken at Busch before they tear it down. Granted I don't think it is a particularly pretty stadium, but it still seems pretty nice. I guess STL wanted change for change sake.

My first venture into this stadium was at the 1982 World Series. Tickets came compliments of U.K. I would suspect his family took the tickets for an earlier game because it was a "sure thing". I sure am glad he managed to slide us the 7th game tickets.

Not having an abiding love for baseball at the time, I pretty much never thought about Cards baseball after that. I did have some great conversations about the Series with Mr. Tink (the longtime/greatly loved typing teacher at NHS). As a product of cable TV, I followed the Braves growing up. This was in itself a challenge because they sucked. More than once did I hear the joke as told by Wib:

Eric calling Atlanta for tickets: "What time is the game, tonight?"
Braves Ticket Office: "What time can you be here?"

I loved watching Dale Murphy, Claudell Washington, SId Bream, and a host of others being managed by Joe Torre. When we were living in CO, I had a casual interest in the Rockies. Going to a game at Coors Field was never about baseball. It was about eating and talking. My highlight at Coors Field was catching a game a few days after lasic surgery. I was amazed that the scoreboard was so crystal clear, and the mountains in the backdrop were completely in focus. Well, watching Randy Johnson pitch was another biggie.

Now that I have my wit and senses, I have fully converted into a late-blooming Cards fan. I love the team's history, and how STL truly rallies around the team. Going to the game is about The Game! This is one love affair I will share with Benny. He will be growing up cheering 3 teams with his daddy: The Cards, The Broncos, and The Sooners. The Rams can be his NFC team if he wants, since he already has his Stephen Jackson autographed football.

Here's to big kids hanging out in the dugouts, pop flys, and little kids watching the big kids play a little kids game.

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