Friday, October 07, 2005


Always counterbalancing tough times are lighter moments in life. Here are some nice times from this week:

1. Taught class on Wednesday. Noah was our subject this week. We had some great discussions considering their age. There were ramblings of comparisons to the Titanic. These kids are stuck on that ship.

2. Picked up Avion for church. He is an awesome kid. I loaned him a sleeping bag for his first Boy Scout campout, and quelled his fears of coyotes and foxes attacking the group. It was fun to show him how to use a sleeping bag, and reassure him that it's container is a "stuff bag". To avoid frustration of neatly rolling up the bag and painstakingly trying to fit the bag in the duffel-JUST STUFF IT in there! His only rule was to take care of it, and call me on Monday to give me a report of his trip.

3. Saw G's former regional leader Geoff from CO. He came over last night to hang out and talk life/shop with G.

4. I have it in my mind to compete in a half marathon in the mtns of CO next August. Training started yesterday. I felt like that Ironman dude on the Gatorade commercial. He bonked 50 yards from the finish line. I bonked 50 yards from my house.

5. Remember Fast Times At Ridgemont High? I had to pick up a package at another office in my building. I think I walked in on a 50 year old version of "Brad Hamilton" (Judge Reinhold). Remember the scene when Phoebe Cates walks in on him???? After the STL Cards game this summer, I thought the "Wierd Guy" encounters magically transferred to Mark. I guess not.


WE JUST GOT THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE----GERI JUST CALLED at 4pm-----WHIPPPEEE!!!! one more hurdle cleared

What about you. Any good moments this week?


Fred said...

Trivia question: What song was playing during the Judge Reinhold scene when he was watching Phoebe Cates?

Nichole said...

YEAH!!! I am so excited! Does this mean that we are closer to having Benny in St. Louis??

Anonymous said...

Hopefully 2 weeks