Sunday, July 23, 2006

As I go back through the pictures we have taken this year, there are several of Benny eating fruit. Here is my latest contribution of this wierd photo essay.

A funny thing about Benny's personality is that sometimes he wakes up with a fixation on something. This might be a certain book, his pacifier, a specific was a bit different. He needed to have in his possesion 2 swim diapers. So G did what comes natural. Stuck one on his head, and took a picture!

We also had company Saturday night. Our friend Brian is Benny's "Big Brother". Brian dialed it in with his cow puppet routine.

We have family from GA in this weekend, so there should be more good pictures coming soon! My nephew is looking over colleges, and I feel old. In my mind, he should still be riding bikes with his buddies in Woodward.

On other notes, we had a great worship service this morning with Jerome Williams. Services ran "over" by probably 1/2 hour, but didn't even realize it.

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J A Pierpont said...

Eric - J.Pierpont here...

The East Broad Street church of Christ in Elyria would be the closest to her - It is in the next town west of North Ridgeville. East Broad is not in any shape or form "progressive" but are very sweet folk with no hobbies or issues.

My Tahoe is being detailed as we speak. I will have it on the market by tomorrow.