Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Time is ticking. The mountains have been in my blood for a long time. Since I no longer live around them, I plan on climbing every year. Last year, myself and a group of friends trekked Mt Elbert in Colorado. This year, a bunch of us will congregate amongst the clouds and ascend Mt Massive. I am absolutely stoked.

Now in the "olden days", I lived to see, touch, smell, and experience the mountains themselves. To me, camping and climbing was almost like a junkie getting his fix. I guess mainly an obsession.

These days, the prize is in the journey. I am looking forward to driving I-70 with my friend Sean, and renewing some old acquaintences once we get to the campground. The icing is the view from the top.

I am actually in training while typing this (ie: carbo loading for the climb). There's nothing like a bowl full of White Cheddar Puffed Cheetos as a bedtime "training snack". Somehow I think this won't help too much during the climb. Like the view from the top...it sure is tasty!

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