Monday, October 23, 2006

Day 366

Today marks day 366. 1 year and 1 day ago we picked up Benny. On day 364 we celebrated our first Gotcha Day, complete with an airplane cake and a pinata. I'm thinking the pinata is a Mexican thing, but hey-Guatemala's close enough. This party could not been a hit without his cousins Abby and Carly taking care of the entertainment portion, and Gabrielle taking the pictures. We kept the party small, but it was big to us.

We certainly are blessed. There was a memorial service yesterday for the Leicht family. Their daughter passed away prior to birth. This time of the year, there's a lot of talk about "heroics" on the baseball diamond. One of the most heroic things I have seen came at the memorial service when Sandy and Mike opened up their hearts, and shared several words and thoughts about their feelings and their little girl. The turnout of people praising God and the sharing of heart-heavy emotions are great examples of why I believe in worshiping as a congregation. You simply don't get this benefit from praising God on your own.

If anyone would like to remember the Leicht family. They request a donation be made to Christian Family Services. See the link on the right margin.

YEA: Being able to expose and share the grit and dirt from your life among friends.

NAY: Having the grit and "dirt" exposed for you in game 2. I guess we aren't all "Mr Perfect"...besides, aren't most "Gamblers" cheaters anyways?

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