Sunday, October 29, 2006

"Serenity Now"

The title of this post is a not-too-obscure reference from Seinfeld. If you can't let things go...just try repeating Serentiy Now. Of course that remedy proved to be full of holes on that episode. It reminds me of my longstanding problem of needing to be at church on time (or anywhere else for that matter).

Now, I don't have the best memory in the world, but one I do have is of our yellow 1973 Pontiac Catalina idling in front of our mailbox on the occasional Sunday morning-with the horn blaring as if to say hurry the heck up, we got a long drive ahead with places to go and people to see. The funny thing is that we only lived a few blocks from the church building. I indeed inherited this trait. I want to pack up, load Benny, and lay on that horn. In the same way that smokers need that first drag to reduce tension, I have this delusion that hitting that horn will give me the same satisfaction. As my wife reminds me-I do my best sinnin' in my singular effort to drag everyone to the building on time.

Tday was no different. One would think it would have been different, since we were the scheduled Greeters. After all, don't they usually show up earlier than everyone else to actually greet? However my Love decided she needed to have a bit of breakfast. "It will only take a minute" says she, as we whip into McD's. "I'll even go in". My inner voice is chanting, Serenity Now, over and over. After 5 minutes I finally decide not to be stressed out. I turn on Jimmy Buffett, and look at my surroundings. Lo and behold I saw these signs at Walgreens. I cracked up and lost all my high blood pressure and tension.


coping said...

I think we must be connected to the same family.

Anonymous said...

I, the eldest sister, remember walking those 2 blocks to church rather than wait for the less hurried of our bunch.

bradfordlstevens said...

Was that the Walgreen's in Rock Hill? Their new store no less?? Great post!