Thursday, April 05, 2007

As our Bambino grows older, I find myself fondly looking back at our first days with him (this pic was taken on our Gotcha Day in Guat City). I am ready to experience this again.


Looking for a Servant Heart? Click on the Touch A Life Blog on the right side column. Pam has some stirring observations, which one day should be put in book form.


I was commenting this evening how the nature of my thoughts have radically changed in the past few years. I love to travel, and always seemed to be planning our next trip to Europe, to the mountains, or wherever. Since getting Benny, I just want to get home and hold him (if he'll let me). He is our little joy, but I know there is more in store for our family.

We recently got DVR services from our cable company. One nice thing is that we can tape shows and watch them later, while fast-forwarding the commercials. We have "Adoption Stories" set to record each time it come on the Discovery Health channel. Tonight I was catching up on old shows, and it featured twin Korean girls from our agency, Holt International, being adopted by a NJ couple. I tell ya, how cool would that be. Some folks might be overwhelmed at the prospect of 3 Geri's running around the same household. Not me. I say bring it on. We have many miles to go before we finish out the paperwork/homestudies, etc... But I think that would be excellent. Geri isn't quite convinced on travelling to Seoul, but I would do it in a heartbeat.

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