Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sorry for the highly infrequent posts. Life has taken me on the fast lane.

Things of note:

In a shade of brilliance Benny's MaMa convinced him of trading his NuNu's (pacifiers) for a fish. We went to Petco, asked a kid about the best fish for a little boy. Of course the answer....goldfish. "They live a really long time", he said. So we bagged the fish, bought the required stuff, and paid for his new pets. MaMa told Benny to give the lady at the register the NuNu's. He did, and promptly hugged the bag of fish all the way home. This was last Monday. Fast forward to Wednesday. Coming back from church, we discovered that the "really long time" must have been 2 days. And now there is one. Benny hasn't even noticed.

Benny has his neurons firing. He is counting and starting to say the ABC's. The other day he counted to 7. He is also expanding his vocabulary something fierce.

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Amanda and Jason said...

I think children's goldfish only live a really long time if the ones who have gone belly-up are magically replaced while the child is sleeping.

That was a cute idea, Geri. I wish you had a picture of the nu-nu/fish exchange.

- Amanda