Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I have tried to upload a video and more pictures, but the wireless networks I am trying to piggyback off of are not strong enough. I'll keep trying.

Today Holt provided 2 volunteer tour guides, April and Jasmine, to take me throughout the city. It was nice to have extended conversations in English. Both were sweet girls and helped explain alot about the sights and places we visited. Pictures to follow.

The highlight was meeting back at Holt for Everlie's final medical examination. She is in great shape. It seemed that everyone there wanted to get her attention and hold her. What can I say, she is beautiful! This must have been the official check-up day, as there were other foster mothers/kiddos waiting for their checkups. If it weren't illegal, I would grab the other kids and make a break for it.

I am anxious to be home and be together as a family. Tomorrow night is my first night with Everlie. Only 1 night, then we wake up to head to Incheon Airport Friday morning.

Highlights of the day:

Holding Everlie.

Having a great tour, and meeting 2 wonderful people in the process.

Going to the top of Seoul Tower to see the city unfold beneath me.

"Going" at the top of Seoul Tower. ie: using the proclaimed highest bathroom in Seoul.

Kissing Everlie.


Jasmine Jeon said...

Hi, Eric!

I was just amazed about how adorable your little girl was!
Isn't she beautiful? :)

By the way, It was wonderful to meet you and have a chance to guide you. While I was doing a tour, I didn't feel like guiding you. It was like a hanging out with my friends. I mean, the way of treating us was very friendly and thoughtful of you.
I am very touched and appreciated it,indeed.
Thank you for everything you've done.

What are you going to do for tomorrow? If you need any help, just call me, OK? :)

Love from

Jasmine's cell phone :

+82)11 - 9953 - 8790
(Calling from U.S.A)

011 - 9953 - 8790
(Calling from KOREA)

Tony and Jennifer said...

It sounds like a wonderful day!!!We are so sad that we are going to be out of town when you get back! We can't wait to meet Everlie in person!

Jenna G said...

What an awesome smile! She is a doll baby!
Looks like her Mama.