Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It was a long, painful walk to Holt yesterday afternoon. The biting cold was penetrating through my face and hands, but my heart was warm. I don't like to be late for anything, so it seemed natural to get to the offices 1/2 hour early. After all, Benny arrived at the hotel WAY earlier than what we had anticipated. Not the case yesterday. The family was prompt.

Everlie is small, cute and has crazy hair. Like her brother, she has a funny personality. The foster family said she was "laid back". Perfect. Just what Geri had been praying for. She doesn't cry, unless she is wet or is hungry. She sleeps until 8am. The catch is that she goes to bed @ 11pm.

The foster family is wonderful. He is a meterologist with the state. They were nervous before the meeting, because they feared Everlie was not going into a Christian home. Now they are happy. Their faith is very important, as he preaches at a small (22 people) Baptist Church. They love Everlie and prayed fervently she would be healed from her heart murmur. She was their 2nd foster child. According to the interpreter (the girl at the far right in the picture), they cried a week, and mourned when the first girl left for Michigan. It will be the same this time around. Everlie was truly part of their immediate family and Church family. They had a going away party and requested Geri and I send back video for them to show at church. This is a small price. They presented me with several pictures and videos documenting her life. Tomorrow they are supposed to give me a huge photo album


The Robinsons said...

Yipeee, yipee, yipee! Congratulations!!!! She is just beautiful! Have a safe ride home. We can't wait to give lots of hugs!! Thanks so much for posting. I have been checking your blog like a crazy woman today!!!
Kelly, Aaron, Grace and Jonah

Anonymous said...

What PERSONALITY in one picture! Everlie is beautiful and looks just like Geri . . . even has Geri's personality as we can all see! I praise God she is with you finally!

Love, Marsha, Harry, Michelle & Mark (Exa says Ruff Ruff)

Jenna G said...

Just sends chills to know all that.

What an amazing gift the photos and videos of the time before she was in your arms will be, but it pales in comparison knowing that her foster family introduces her to God and took such wonderful care of her.


God is so Good.
Love you guys,