Sunday, February 03, 2008

With a NY Giants win, the underdogs rule the NFL roost tonight. The speculation of a "tainted" year for the Patriots was underdoggedly (if that is a word) put to rest by the Giants.

If the Broncos can't be there, why not an underdog sweeping the legs out of the favorites. I didn't have a vested interest in the game tonight, but have a slight interest in the sidebar stories to come. I like the story of the Manning's. I like the fact that Michael Strahan has a big gap between his front, middle teeth...sometimes I catch myself thinking that Randy Moss needs a Super Bowl ring (he probably is a nice guy, despite his past), I even somehow wish that Jr. Seau could have tasted victory (even though he was a Bronco divisional opponent for years). Whatever team won tonight, there are some great human interest stories from either team to come. Each player and support staff from both teams undoubtedly has a good story.

With the Giant's win, there is a dimished case of the mindless wonk discussions on sports radio, debating why the Patriots deserve to be the "best" over the '72 Dolphins. Despite a tightly-contested game within the moments of Super Bowl 42, my absolute joy was seeing Benny run around downstairs making speeches on top of his blocks, dancing to Tom Petty, rocking on his zebra-horsie, turning on and off the TV (to his Daddy's dismay), climbing and laughing through the blue play tunnel, and sitting on Daddy's lap watching a great 4th quarter comeback touchdown. Benny doesn't get NFL football, but one thing he does "get" is our absolute love for him. Of course another thing he will get is his Daddy's insistence that he becomes a Bronco fan. There's always next year, right?

If Everlie is like her mother, she won't care. That is what makes life fun. We're not all the same.


Ed. Tritschler said...

Great underdog win BUT we must inist that Bennie is a baseball CARDINAL fan.!!!!!!!!

jenna G said...

Everlie may care!! Jillian puts on her brother's Bronco jersey and says "team shirt!" "Go Broncos!".....however, she also yells "go Broncos" during Avalanche and Nugget games. She gets that the Rockies are different though!