Saturday, June 21, 2008

Life with 4 is good. We started the weekend off early by going to a concert at downtown Kirkwood. We picked up some pizza and spread a blanket on the concrete plaza...hanging out. For Benny the thrill was the trains that kept coming through town (20 yards behind the band). Friday we went to Pueblo Solis. This is the 2nd best Mexican food in the Central Time Zone. First being Teds in OKC. Today we went to the Arch, where we strolled down the treed paths, went down to the museum area to get a snack. We got a thrill seeing the F15's fly over the arch. This evening we went to the Kirkwood Pool.

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bradfordlstevens said...

Your post reminded me of when my dad would take me to watch trains in Kirkwood and Webster Groves as a little kid. Funny, how some things never change? Every time I see one of those F-15's fly overhead I think of Mike Jurries. Great pix!