Friday, June 06, 2008

OK, It's not the greatest quality photo, but I love having a camera on my phone.

The kids are finally getting over being sick, and Everlie is on antibiotics. Everlie is trying so hard to walk..she is a girl of great determination. We like to hold her hands, then walk her around the kitchen, living room, driveway...pretty much anywhere we can. One thing I love about her demeaner is her constant smile and laughs. That is, unless Benny is playing rough with her. He is quite familiar with getting in trouble these days. My philosophy now is to run him hard at any chance we get. He has major pent-up boy energy. Despite his orneryness, he is still sweet. Mama was sick this morning, so he propped up his Lightning McQueen lunchbox on the bed. He then carefully extracted Lightning McQueen and set it by Geri's head. He told her this would make her feel better.

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