Thursday, June 12, 2008

One Candle

I first want to make a disclaimer to the Shin Family in Korea. We are planning to have professional pictures taken of Everlie and Benny in the (traditional birthday) Korean outfits you got them.

It's hard to believe our little doll is 1 year old. We simply marvel at how wonderfully pleasant and beautiful she is. Everlie was born prematurely on June 11, 2007 in Seoul. She was in the hospital until July 3rd. This is when the Shin family wrapped their loving arms around her. I picked her up forever on February 14th. This was the best Valentines Day present a Dad could hope for. She met her Mama and Benny on February 15th (along with our other family in STL...the Robinsons).

This has been a week of celebration...that is until Dr John gets hold of her tomorrow for her immunization shots. Very frequently I catch myself hoping the Shin family can come visit, to see how wonderful Everlie still is.

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Anonymous said...

Do your children always play with $100.00 bills? If so can mine come over and play too?