Monday, October 12, 2009

There is a beautiful stream meandering through downtown Seoul. It flows under a 500 year-old bridge, and keeps going (probably) to the Han River. It was designed with beautiful walkways to make it a peaceful and serene setting, within a bustling city. It was freezing cold and grayish, compared to this same pathway in February, 2008. This time was different. It was warm outside with beautiful colors all over the place. I was holding hands with Geri, and we were visiting with other families that were in town picking up their little ones from Holt. I smile thinking about it. Really.

I took this picture on our walk. This man was walking slowly and seemed to be deep in thought. I doubt he noticed the colors or the gentle breeze we felt. Same beautiful stream, same time... yet different experiences. Inasmuch as the stream was different last week from the cold February morning in 2008, my world today is different than 4 years ago. it was just me and Geri. We had yet to pick up Benny. Going out to dinner was easy. Going to a movie was easy. I owned a business and Geri was learning a new job.

Today is a radically different picture.

We have 3 beautiful kids in the house, I just sold my business and G has experienced a change in her career. Today is one of those days I feel like this guy looks. Walking around with my head down, absorbed in thoughts... however, I am aware of the surrounding beauty. It's an uncomfortable feeling, though... not having a business anymore, and being unsure of what's next. So here I sit with my head down in scramble mode, trying to think of what's next. Any ideas? I ultimately see myself supporting our family as an author, writing about someone's personal experiences...drawn from deep conversations and interviews (ie: Aimee Molloly, Jon Krakauer, Stephen Ambrose to name a few of my favorites). I'll get to that place, Lord willing.

...and so it goes in our house. As if on cue, the girls are now awake and crying. Everlie for her Mama and Delaney because of Everlie's shrill. Have I ever mentioned Everlie can be loud? Time to pull my head up and look at the beautiful colors in our home....even though it's significantly louder than the quiet brook in Seoul.

Thanks for listening.


Ed. Tritschler said...

WOW!!!!! I think three is a great number for a family. Especially two girls and a boy. Glad you are home with your bundle of joy.

Jenna G said...

I think you should tackle the writing thing, Eric. I really do enjoy ready your blog. Loved the thoughts and the B&W on the bridge. Sure do miss you guys.

Hey, you can interview me!! ;)

Jenna G said...

errr....reading your blog... evidently my editing skills are rusty