Saturday, October 10, 2009

Picking Up Delaney

This trip was special on many levels. Geri was able to see Korea and experience the culture (which she loved), we were able to pick up our daughter together, and we met quite a few great families. It was sweet to reconnect with Everlie's foster parents. We arranged to have lunch with them on Wednesday. Mr Shin and his wife still love Everlie. They came bearing a beautiful traditional Korean dress for her. Not only did the Shin family have lunch with us, Delaney's foster Mother/daughter came as well. We didn't talk much, but it will forever be a highlight in my life. I really appreciate Mr Shin beating me to the check, but really wanted to pay as a gesture of thanks. One of these pictures shows Mr Shin and his wife chuckling as they are watching a video of Everlie.

When we finally got Everlie on the 7th, there were tears aplenty. Her foster mother has taken care of 15 children over the years (and she is quite young). Her tears (like her daughters) revealed a truth that turning over a child you have cared for doesn't get any easier. Mrs Go was determined to not cry in front of her when I took Everlie in 2008, but the emotions were the same. We all cried as I turned and walked to the hotel elevator. I know Everlie grieved for awhile and I'm sure Delaney is experiencing the same loss. Did I ever mention that Foster Parents have my utmost respect? Hard to compare,

I have quite a few more pictures on Facebook. If you are interested and are on Facebook, respond to this post and I'll try and send you a friend request.


jenna G said...

Hey Eric~
My dad is on Facebook and he and my mom would love to see additional pictures. If you could send him the friend request or whatever (I obviously do not do the facebook thing) that would be great. I'll send you his email and info in another email.

Thanks and congrats!

Eddie said...

Hello Eric;I so enjoyed your thoughts about the waterfall under the old bridge in Korea.
That sounds like something I could enjoy,too, although I'm a bit too old to start a new family, I think!
Love to see the other pictures on facebook. I'll look for your spot, or invite me Eddie R. Lee.

Enjoy the beauty of the young family. Best wishes on the future for you and Geri.