Sunday, December 18, 2005

Here are some precious pics from yesterday. We had a party at the Bogey Club and the Robinson's were awesome to help us in a pinch. We love them, and are anxiously waiting to meet their baby (due to enter this world on Thursday). Benny absolutely loves Grace. He was slapping and cackling when he saw the bathtime pictures with her.

Yesterday was a great day on several levels. Mostly because of the time I spent with Benny. Here are some worthy moments to recap from yesterday:
1. Listening to Amy Grant sing about Christmas. I had tears because we had looked forward for many, many moons to when we would spend our first Christmas with our child. Here we are, and here he is.
2. Watching a John Denver promo on PBS. I had tears because..we'll just because his music hits me on several levels. It's all about the human condition. I was happy to sing to Benny, and it flooded my memory banks. I can't help but think of growing up, just dreaming of the mountains. The mountains were a way to connect with my dad, and a way to reconnect with my mom when we came back from our trips. The exception was when we went as a family (sans Laura who was in Germany). I remember mom crying because we hit a dog on the way out, but all of us laughing on the way back. It so happens we discovered this new bread called "Bagel" in Telluride. For whatever reason, they were good....but were hilarious. Such visionaries, huh? On that trip, I still like to think that was John Denver who we spied at the Aspen airport getting out of his twin engine. It sure looked like him. After G and I moved out there, It was wierd hearing that he died in California. To me, a part of my Colorado "lore" passed on with his death. We no longer live there, but it still feels like home...not to take away from STL...which also feels like home. This is the beauty of making good friends wherever you live.

Fast forward to today. This mornings services were incredibly inspiring. I was on the Praise Team, but feel I was generally ineffective as a singer...but not as a guy just trying to have a relationship with My Savior. I try to dwell on the words I sing, therefore I start to get large lumps in my throat to the edge of crying. My mic is on roughly 70% of the time. I am understanding Gods love in a clearer way. The throat lumps come out when I realize that my loves are miniscule when compared to how God chose to save us. The capstone of our worship was when Mike chose some great words on Christ, Salvation, The Holidays... and ended it with introducing us to a new Christian, and his future family. I wish we would have more services that focus on Praise and Celebration, and de-emphasize an official sermon with the obligatory "invitation". This is not a commentary on preaching. I happen to think we have a stellar preacher. I just think it's good to change things up on occasion to help us focus on God in a different way.

I guess this post is about family. I feel blessed by:
1. The family I have right now with B and G.
2. My family growing up. My parents did something right. I love them, my sisters, my extended family, and most importantly God.
3. My family at McKnight.

Life isn't perfect, and people aren't perfect. I wouldn't trade any of these for anything. Period. Now I gotta work on that crying stuff. You would think I'm a teenage girl.

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bradfordlstevens said...

Dear Eric,

I have been meaning to talk to you about "mixed bathing" photos on your blogspot! :-)

Thanks for your contributions to the praise and worship at McKnight Road! You and Geri are inspiring parents and we are thrilled to have you as part of the family at the McKnight Road Church of Christ.

Grace and Peace,

Brad Stevens