Saturday, December 03, 2005

Man, what a week. If you haven't simultaneously experienced a new baby, starting a business, and being sick enough that your lungs feel like they are on fire-welcome to my world the past few weeks. Today I am feeling somewhat on the mend, and my attitude is better adjusted after a brief talk with my mentor (G). Somewhere between the fluid-y lungs, and the ups and downs of sales calls, I forgot that this is a pretty exciting time God is giving me. Give me one more night of R & R, and hopefully I'll have some pictures and creative thoughts to write about.

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Conni H. said...

Take care of yourself! Being sick is NO fun. We look forward to seeing more pics, and hearing your "creative thoughts" but we want you to get healthy first! We can be patient... well sort of...we really like seeing pics of that beautiful baby of yours!