Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I think it's Joshua chapter 10 where God listened to Joshua, and had the sun and moon stand still for a day. I wish that these first days of being a Dad could just stand still. Here is a picture of Benny and his cousins on an early Thanksgiving morning.

It's hard to think about yesterday and tomorrow when you are wrapped up in right now. I hope you have moments like these this week-whether your kid has crazy hair or not.


Keith Jones said...

Great picture man! Children are a wonderful thing. It is great to see how much you are enjoying God's blessing in your life.

Conni H. said...

Eric- Benny is so amazingly cute! I remain thankful to the Father for blessing your life in such a huge way. It is neat to see you and Geri with him. Parenting comes so naturally to you both, and you appear to be so happy. Praise be to GOd for all that He has blessed us with!

hanstevens said...

It was so nice to finally meet the Cope's my parents talk so highly about! Your Benny is going to charm the ladies with his good looks.. He seems to belong perfectly to you both. What a blessing!