Sunday, November 20, 2005

A few have asked about my business. I own a franchise that specializes in new home warranty management. My clients are homebuilders. Legally they need to furnish a 1 year warranty with their finished product. My company goes on the preclosing walkthrough with the new homeowner, and will handle all warranty related calls for the first year of ownership. If you build homes-you want to concentrate on building not servicing claims. Too often their buyers call builders to do alot of extras that aren't warranty, but cost the builders tons of $. This is where I can be of value, along with giving them a legal layer of protection--I won't get into this though.

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Conni H. said...

Hey Eric- i need to email you and dont have your email at home... will you email me so i can email you? our church directory seems to have walked away.

thanks... hope the business is going well.