Tuesday, November 22, 2005

There is nothing like being able to end your day with the IPod blaring out your favorites in sweet solitude. This was the case last night..or so I thought. Before G and B went to bed, I had a hankerin' to just chill and flip through the music selection. John Mellencamp, U2, The Shins, Dido, Elton John. Let me tell you, after a long day/week/month...this is a nice way to tap into your inner musician. My air guitar and air drums were wailing. Of course I was trying to be a good husband and father, keeping my concert-we'll privately between my ears! That was until G kicked my feet for me to turn it down a notch (I'm not sure if she was talking about the air drum movements, or the bleed over from the headphones). Concert's over.

It was bliss while it lasted. So there you have it. One minute I am in a private concert. The next minute I am transported smack dab in a 747, which is precisely what Benny's White Noise machine sounds like. Not to be mentally defeated, I got up and took one big look at Bennys sweet sleeping face. I didn't want my last visions of the day being my lovely wife kicking my feet.

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