Sunday, November 27, 2005

I hope you all had a thankful Thanksgiving. We visited G's brother in DC, and met up with Leslie/Darrel and the girls. While there, we were able to catch up with Jason/Amanda. That was a treat. We grew to love them in CO, and now see them on occasion in DC. Hopefully next time we meet, they will have their little China doll.

While in DC we did a brief tour of the Washington Monument, and the Subway sandwich shop at the Museum of Natural History. I am still enthusiastic about visiting DC these days. I love the history. A highlight was visiting Arlington. I had the honor of finding the grave of Mark's uncle. It is located behind the Tomb Of The Unknown. My patriotic roots run deep, and I am thankful of the men and women who serve. Interestingly we visited JFK's eternal flame on the anniversary of his death. Here are a few pic's.

On a side note. It was great to finally meet Brad and Sue Stevens' daughters after church. What a great family with blessings overflowing.

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bradfordlstevens said...

We will have to do D.C. sometime together! As a history major in college, I could never find enough time to see everything I wanted to visit on our trips there. When our kids were small, we went on a trip to D.C. While we were walking through the Smithsonian Air and Space display looking at original planes and space capsules,I was in awe. But, at the same time my kids were complaining that it was "boring"! Instead, they wanted to go to the Hard Rock Cafe. So we did. I would never get bored in that town!

It is neat to see how quickly you both have adapted to parenthood! Benny will be a great blessing to you in years to come in ways that you cannot see. That is why children are a gift from God. We will keep you lifted up!