Thursday, November 17, 2005

I have just been reminded by my favorite baby doctor sister that I used to gag if she brushed her teeth in the same room. While the effects of smell have decreased in my overall gag factor, years later these same brushing issues still exist. I periodically need to replace my toothbrush if my bristles happen to brush (pardon the bad pun) against G's. This is somewhat akin to Jerry dumping his belt in the trash because the buckle hit the mensroom floor on Seinfeld. What makes me real mad is if G takes advantage of this, and rubs our toothbrushes together and laughs. Oh, I laugh to...all the way to the closet for another toothbrush. In keeping consistent with my wierdness that my sissy talked about, I also do not like to brush at the same time as G. If you check out her side of the countertop, it has toothpaste stains around the sink and mirror. The thought of these randomized outbursts of airborne flails of mouth stuff make me gag.


Coping said...

Favorite story: Mike kept Megan one time and she took Diane's tooth brush and played in the toilet. Mike, not know what he should do, rinsed it off and returned it. The next morning, as Diane was brushing her teeth, he started laughing and said, "I just can't help it - I have to tell you. Megan played in the toilet with your toothbrush." Diane didn't miss a beat. "Oh, she does that with your's all the time."

Chole said...

scratch what I said about the other blog. problems keep arising so I keep changing it. this one i plan on keeping. hope the family is doing good!! Can not wait to see BEN!! Miss you all!!