Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Twas the night before, it does not seem like Christmas is around the corner.

This past week we were in Colorado to see old friends and clients. I am so thankful for Harry and Marsha. They are family to G and I, and they graciously opened their home and snacks (pretzel rods/corn nuts/peanut m&m's) to us. Not only that, they hosted a baby shower in honor of Benny. The cake was magnificant. The icing was the best! One thing we confirmed-Benny loves dogs. Maybe I can steal Kari's little yapper from Neosho around Christmas.

There were highlights I want to mention from this trip. First, speeding down E-470 to see G and B after 2 days. Second, seeing old friends from our days in Golden-and work. Third, marveling at and reading the homemade blanket from Jenna (my teary-eyed episode #1). Fourth, Having lunch with Chris/Christine-and explaining my take on finally holding your adoptive child (my teary-eyed episode #2). They will have Olivia from China the next time we meet again. Fifth, watching the Broncos pull out a verrry ugly victory over the Ravens. I love seeing the games at Mile Hi, listening to the Rocky Mountain Thunder, and yelling "In...Com...Plete" with the rest of the Bronco fans. Sixth, pulling back into our garage. There is no place like home.

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