Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I have all the answers, and know the drill. We will be the best parents, ever. That is once we have kids. This was my line of thinking before Benny. One of the requirements to "best parents ever" was to feed our child food that is healthy and good for you. No junk food, candy, soft drinks, etc... Do as I say. Not as I do.

Last night we bent our food rules (as we do occasionally), and had a great time doing it. We wanted to try this burger joint on Manchester called Carls Drive In. We pack Benny's dinner, and head east. We get there, and it's closed. Somebody died, and they closed up shop.

So it's off to Plan B. Sonic. Benny had a good apetite with his ham/carrots/greenbeans...and a few french fries. That was pretty much the only thing we ordered that wasn't covered with jalepenos.

On the way back we stopped by to chat with our friend Denise, who was working out in her yard. She will do anything to get Benny to smile and come her way, but she always catches him in the wrong mood. Last night was no different. By this time Benny was tired, and wanted a bath.

Speaking of baths, we went to get our haircuts on Monday. I looked up when my name was called. RATS! It's the haircut lady that is slow and not-so-great. Oh well, I'll roll the dice anyways. I don't really have too much concern about my hair. Just take #1 trimmers and blend as you go up. It's my modified military-style haircut meant to camoflage my grey locks.

Benny was sitting on my lap as quiet as can be for my haircut. By the time it was his turn, he had so much hair on his arms, legs and face...he looked like a cute, little hairy man....but he had ants in his pants. He was squirming around, and opening/closing the hairdressers drawer, throwing my cellphone/his book on the ground. Never fear, the haircut lady had just the answer to my problem (which was actually her problem as well). Benny was introduced to Dum Dum's. He evidently loves the bubblegum flavor. From this point on it was a complete, yet compliant mess, with slobber and hair all over the place. I mean ALL over the place. The good thing is that the combination of the Dum Dum, and his mouth mimicked a trailer and hitch. If the hairdresser needed him to look down, look left, look right...all I needed to do was grab the stick, and his little head moved with our wishes. Once this ordeal was finally finished, I loaded him up half-naked in the truck, stripped him down and threw him in the tub, when we got home. There was hair all over the place, but hey- not bad for a days work.

We still haven't tried Carls. Any reviews?


Ed. Tritschler said...

Seems to me you needed to have St Louis grandpa along to shoot digital and video. This event appears to be a Kodak moment.!!!!!!

Keith Jones said...

I can't believe you haven't eaten at Carl's. You must not have very good friends there or they would have already taken you. My "usual" was a triple cheese burger adding mustard, lettuce, and tomato (they come with catchup, onions, and pickles)with a large mug of root beer and an order of fries. It is great!

I'll be there Saturday evening, I'll take you if you want to go.

EBC said...

Keith, I'm sold. I'll opt out for the "triple" and just go single (maybe double).

If that is your usual, I'm sure you have a Lipitor chaser with that meal.

bradfordlstevens said...

Don't forget the malox! The place has been around so long that my Grandfather Lloyd Thompson used to take me there when I was a little kid!