Thursday, June 29, 2006

We'll, here we go again. The spirit just hadn't moved me to post in the past few weeks.

Benny is still enjoying his pool. Of course we rub sunblock all over his cute little bod, but you would never be able to tell with his tan. Speaking of his skin, last week we took a business trip to Elkhart Lake, WI. Benny ended up with bites all over the place. That's where we found out that suntan lotion isn't necessarily mosquito repellent.

Leading up to last week, I had been to several states in my life, but never Wisconsin. This is one beautiful place, and we want to head back again. The grassy-green rolling hills, quaint dairy farms, lakes, and pretty towns really did it for us. Between meetings we found time to swim, stroll all over town, eat at some great local hangouts (ie: smoky bar/grill with Buffett in the jukebox, and great pizza). G also made smores at a campfire next to the lake. I did catch up on some great World Cup soccer during Benny's naps.

While G had some meetings Saturday morning, Benny and I headed into the town's arts/crafts fair. There were alot of neat homemade things, like the handpainted, toddler Adirondack chair. I ended up getting G a small photo of the hotel we were staying at (by a local photographer), and a used book. It chronicles Dennis Connor's America's Cup experiences. Not really being a sailing fan, per se, I remember when the America's Cup was fun news to keep current on. Something about a radically new keel design that the competitors had developed.


Coping said...

I think the lotions in the sun block attract the bugs. I heard you were coming down soon, but I think we will be at Mike's. Tell the little guy his GREAT AA said, "Hi."

Conni H. said...

The picture of Benny eating the pear (or apple) is beautiful... It is an award winner.

I am glad that you are having so much fun with your precious little one.

Lil Ole' Me said...

Eric how are things? Benny is the cutest! Mom is doing good, she would LOVE to see you and Benny and Geri sometime soon, it would be cool if you guys would come down here while julia is here for a "family reunion" ha ha ha! Miss you

bradfordlstevens said...

A nice place to visit, but we would not want to see Benny growing up as a "cheesehead"!