Friday, June 30, 2006

Remind me never to come home early from work. Sitting in our comfy chair, eating my 4pm lunch, I witnessed a television low. I love ESPN, ESPN2 (Mike and Mike In The Morning), and Fox Sports. But there is only so much love to go around with daytime "sports". They are reverting from full strides in good programming, to baby steps during the day.

It's possible that the coveted all-time low position belonged to Fox Sports with their compelling program, "World Series Of Darts". The Fox brass thought so much of this winner, they created 5 episodes. No matter how you slice and dice it, it's hideously lame..times 5.

We'll, the fatcats at ESPN have done their best at rivaling FSN's loser daytime programming by televising the World Dominoes Championships. Like this blog, I am sure it will appeal to tens of people..maybe. It's really hard to translate Slappin' Bones into good TV. Oh they try with the personal story sidelines, and human interest stories (complete with entrants talking smack). In the's just dominoes. Clever commentators cannot even elevate this to interesting. Before I turned it off, they were talking about one team player "dropping the deuce" (the double 2 domino). Definitely a stinker!

With their daytime babystep programming, the TV sporting giants have something in common with our household. Benny left his babysteps behind, and started walking fullout this afternoon. Yep! He is officially strutting his stuff. Lets hope he doesn't walk over to the TV to turn on Domino's and Darts.

By the way, I love this picture. He's definitely not being underfed, and It reminds me of why they called him "Gordo", down in Guatemala. I think he is "Guapo" (handsome), which is the other name they had for him.

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