Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I know it's not your birthday yet...but

Not long ago Dad gave me a large stack of newspapers to check out. I started perusing on Monday and found some great articles about family and friends. Some were amazingly fresh in my mind-even though they were published in the early 80's.

One article that caught my eye dealt with the birth of my cousin, Nancy Anne. Her brothers and sister reacting to the news of their new baby sister is especially funny. I'll send you the original, Nancy.

Thanks Dad for saving these gems. It reminds me of Grandma saving her Readers Digest magazines for us to look at.


Nancy said...

Thanks!! It's not everyone who makes the front page of the newpaper when they are born (it helps that your grandparents own the paper!!). Like I told Mike - I'm glad mom & dad didn't name me Orlanda!! Take care!

Amanda and Jason said...

What's up with the frequently changing blog title? Are you trying to keep us confused?

Amanda and Jason said...

Ha ha ha.