Tuesday, March 06, 2007

LL Cool B (Ladies Love Cool Benny)

Somewhere along the line it was evident that Benny's Dad was no ladies man. Benny's Mama would agree. It all came crashing down when my lifelong friend, Lesa, told Geri (when we were dating) that I was a big dork growing up. Hopefully that was a compliment?! Anyways, the apple seems to have fallen far from the tree. Here are some cute girls from New Hampshire and St Louis that took a liking to Benny.


bradfordlstevens said...

It is a good thing that us dorks get a second chance when we grow up.

Jenna G said...

Life is so boring without our fellow dorks! You're in good company.

I was reading a book while waiting for Jack's kindergarten to get to the point that I was supposed to be helping them with and as class came to an end, the actual aide asked what I had been reading. I replied honestly and from the look on her face I realized that she was expecting me to report on the latest romance novel or something. She was not expecting my reply of "it's a book about genetics and the role it plays in the intellectual development of children". When I relayed the story to Jimmy he was very supportive as he smirked and replyed "Geek check--BUSTED."

What happened to the Daily News????