Tuesday, March 20, 2007

In almost 10 years of marriage, G and I have never had the luxury of living close to immediate family. Pre-Benny this was usually never a challenge. We simply booked a flight, or hopped in the car to make our visits. As Benny grows, it is evident that there's a certain blessing of being able to have family fairly close by.

This weekend we had Geri's sister and her family over. The girls love playing with Benny-and vice versa. It good to see both Darrel and my buddy "Wib" from Atlanta. When Wib flew in, I drove him to Festus (MO) to see his client. The bonus is that a client of mine was next door to his appointment. Realizing this, I popped in to touch base with Paul and hear some info about a recent mission trip he took to West Africa with his business partners. My goal is to really know the builders I serve. Times like this to share are priceless.

Here's some pics from the weekend.

By the way, Jenna...Jimmy was right. Nerd alert! You need help! Find some other books.


Amanda and Jason said...

That dancing picture of Benny is adorable! How did they get that pose?

Don't be vague. Tell me why Jenna is a nerd. It must be really bad if JIMMY is calling her a nerd!

EBC said...

Here is Jenna's words from her response to a few posts ago. Also, I was working when they got Benny to dance. It doesn't suprise me, because he does Yoga poses "on demand".
-------Jenna G said...
Life is so boring without our fellow dorks! You're in good company.

I was reading a book while waiting for Jack's kindergarten to get to the point that I was supposed to be helping them with and as class came to an end, the actual aide asked what I had been reading. I replied honestly and from the look on her face I realized that she was expecting me to report on the latest romance novel or something. She was not expecting my reply of "it's a book about genetics and the role it plays in the intellectual development of children". When I relayed the story to Jimmy he was very supportive as he smirked and replyed "Geek check--BUSTED."