Sunday, March 04, 2007

We had a nice working vacation south of the border at a resort called Grand Velas. The fact that it is touted as a 5-star place made me somewhat nervous. My perception of going to a "5-star" is that they make you eat hoity-toity food at certain times of the day (ie: River Cloud cruise down the Danube). My fears were relieved once I realized they served chips/fresh salsa 24/7. Give me a burger with chips/salsa and I'm in heaven. My stubborness to try new or fancy foods usually drives Geri nuts!

The resort was beautifully situated outside of Puerto Vallarto, and we ended up making some good friends along the way-complete with an invitation to take a behind-the-scenes tour of West Point in the future. If you want to hear a funny story, ask me about the gringo that decided to go to a Mexican bull fight.

Here are a few pictures we took along the way. As usual Benny caught the attention of staff and girls alike. He really worked the crowd for the week.

While vacations are nice...It's great to be back in the good ol' USA.


Amanda and Jason said...

What is Benny now, ten?? He looks so old in that picture. What happened? Do all babies do that? Can't we give them something to make it stop?

Anonymous said...

Sunset is nice BUT Bennie steals the show.
Ed. t.

EBC said...

I will NOT tell Geri this. She refuses to believe that he is not a baby. You have no worries, as long as I have known Geri, she has assured me that Asians do not age. No wrinkles, you know!