Monday, February 14, 2005

Coach Carter

Geri and I had a date on Saturday. After a romantic trip to the local Souper Salad (in our quest to eat healthy), we meandered over to AMC Theatres to see Coach Carter. While this depicted inner-city realities, I thought there were some great points made. Life is full of decisions-choose wisely. Life is also full of consequences.

I appreciated the relationship to Coach and the gangbanger kid. To a degree I think everyone can relate to his internal questions and struggles. Do we always do what's right? What are we afraid of in this life...Failure or Success? Where or who do we learn from? This movie points directly at a problem many kids face when they aren't influenced by their fathers. The more I put Wild At Heart into real-life applications-the more I know Eldredge is onto something.

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