Friday, February 18, 2005

Life is a growing process

It is amazing. After 14 months in Missouri, my subconscious still thinks that "home" is Colorado. For most of my life, Colorado was simply an obsession. In this obsessiveness I had to be there to ski, camp or fish, or plan trips out there. There was no purpose, and it was a waste of my mental energy. Actually moving out there proved to be a great learning experience, and I felt it ultimately had a purpose.

My wife and I started out as newlyweds in Denver, I had the fortune of meeting many good people throughout the state (when I was a mutual fund wholesaler), but most importantly we managed to develop lifetime friendships like the Stewarts, Lawlesses, Crabbs, Shaffers, O'Dells, Goldens, Yarnells....the list goes on.............I am growing and my perspective has changed. When I think of this beautiful state, I dwell on these relationships, and don't just think of the mountains.

I can't wait to get there on Wednesday to hug 'em all....but I'll manage to make a few turns on the slopes.

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Rick said...

I heard you were in town... but not from you. Sad that I missed you man!